Our 5 date stint around the U.K. with New Jersey’s The Disconnects kicks off next week. Here’s the details in full.
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Wednesday 26/08/15 @ Fuel Rock Bar, Cardiff w/ Forgery Lit. Click here.
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Thursday 27/08/15 @ The Stag and Hounds, Bristol w/ Gilda Parade. Click here.
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Friday 28/08/15 @ The Pipeline, London w/ The Breakdowns. Click here.
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Saturday 29/08/15 @ The Doll at The Black Bull, Gateshead.  Click here.
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Sunday 30/08/15 @ The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham w/ The Breakdowns + Trigger McPoopshute. Click here.
Iolo This Is My Denim


pre sale flyer

There’s just 3 weeks left of exclusive “Mid Liver Crisis” pre-sales from our labels, Glunk Records in the UK and Baldy Longhair in the USA. The response has been outstanding with Glunk’s top package selling out within hours. There’s still a host of deals available that will save you some sterling/dollar ahead of general release in August 2015.

Mid liver Crisis pre sale packages

Entry level packages start at £15 in the UK (with free P&P) for a black 12″, hand-numbered promo CD, download code, and unique 6×4″ photo. Now, you can’t say fairer than that! Purchase links available at the bottom of this post.
Reviews have started coming in from online sources, and it’s all positive stuff! Here’s a chunk of plaudits thus far…
“The Sick Livers have upped the ante and cranked out an anthem filled masterpiece!” MASS MOVEMENT (UK).
• • •
“You’ll find what you need on “Mid Liver Crisis” …catchy, high energy rock ‘n’ roll with uptempo punk fury!” VEGLAM (France).
• • •
“Cataclysmically catchy that it’s virtually impossible to resist… this album delivers on all fronts!” ÜBER RÖCK (UK).
• • •
“Remember when rock n roll used to be dangerous and dirty… No? The Sick Livers do and they are bringing it back with a vengeance! 8/10” MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC (UK).
• • •
“An all-out aural assault of the very best kind. Guitars up to eleven, thunderous bass and machine-gun drumming all lay down a backdrop for (Ginge) Knievil’s unique vocal style that could shatter glass at a 100 yards!” R*E*P*E*A*T FANZINE (UK).
Pork magazine advert
So, as the PORK magazine ad hits the printers in the USA, here’s the only links you’ll need until 31/07/15 for exclusive label only deals.
Glunk Records (UK / EUROPE / R.O.W) – Click here
Baldy Longhair Records (USA / CANADA) – Click here!
Mid Liver Crisis Tee
Stay tuned to our online merch stall as individual “Mid Liver Crisis” items go live from 1st August 2015, including a brand spanking new tee (pictured above). Thanks as always for your love of our brand of premier South Wales DIY punk rock ‘n’ roll. See you on the road come 26th August!


Ginge Slugfest 8

Just when you think, “it could never top last year!” – it only bloody well does! The rock ‘n’ roll juggernaut that is Slugfest, now in it’s 8th year, provided all the thrills of the underground in it’s customary free entry and all for charity manner.
Slugfest 8
We’d like to thank everyone who made our set a chaos-filled 45 minutes that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives! If you were there, you’ll know what happened. From shredded paper galore, to naked men getting spanked, and what about those strong men of Abertillery who lifted Ginge high above their heads? Slugfest is the best fest!
Slugfest 8 Plug
Our thanks extend beyond our set. Slugfest is a community that we are truly privileged to be a part of. So, a shout-out to Darrel Sutton and team, to all the bands that gave their services for free, to stall volunteers, to Pig’s noodle cooking skills, to face painters, to raffle donators and organisers, to the whole crew at the Dolls House, and to every mad-head who attended. You all make this a very special event that goes unrivalled as an essential part of any discerning punk and metallers year planner.
Slugfest at the Kickplate gallery
The Kickplate Gallery is still showing the Slugfest exhibition in Abertillery. It’s well worth a look, and many thanks to Lucy Edwards for the wall art (below), taken from an original photo by Ashlea Bea. Absolutely stunning.
Sick Livers by Lucy
Same time next year?
Glunk records



The “Taking Liberties” UK Tour with New Jersey’s The Disconnects is now finalised. From 26th August 2015 we will be bringing the glunk rock to Cardiff, Bristol, London, Gateshead and Nottingham. Please feel free to share the poster above and/or join our Facebook event page here.

press packs

As press packs go out for review, we’d like to thank those who’ve pre-ordered “Mid Liver Crisis” via Glunk Records or Baldy Longhair. Once again we are humbled by your support. With some packages sold-out, there’s just 5-ish weeks to grab a bundle should you want one. Please note, these exclusives won’t be available on general sale on the official August release. Pre-order worldwide now from…
BBC introducing
Adam Walton premiered “This Is My Denim” on his BBC Radio Wales show on Saturday 20th June 2015. The opening track to the new album also features a cameo from Andy Cairns of Therapy?. You can listen back on the BBC iPlayer (we’re approx. 2 hrs 43 mins) by clicking here




It is with great pleasure that we announce a joint headline UK tour with New Jersey’s The Disconnects – our new label stablemates courtesy of Glunk Records (UK) and Baldy Longhair (USA). Kicking off in Cardiff on 26th August 2015 and taking in Bristol, London, Gateshead and Nottingham, get prepared for 5 days of pure unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll fun! Expect to pay somewhere around the £5 mark for each gig – fucking proper! Keep up to date with it all via the Facebook tour page here

Ginge live

The glam punk lovers over at Uber Rock were kind enough to run a story on the tour, with a few words from frontman Ginge Knievil. Check it all out on the only music website that matter here.

Sick livers press packs

At time of writing, Glunk Records were prepping and posting the “Mid Liver Crisis” press packs ready for review. It’s a-coming we tell thee. Exclusive worldwide pre-orders (not for sale on general release in August 2015) are available through June and July. Buy from…
BALDY LONGHAIR RECORDS: www.baldylonghair.com




pre sale flyer

With the UK and European pre-sales going live last week via Glunk Records and the top package selling out within 24 hours, the USA and Canadian editions went live this weekend via Baldy Longhair Records.
Glunk And Baldylonghair
We’re extremely proud to be working alongside both labels and can’t thank them enough for supporting the stuff generated from us filthy 5 Welsh guys who are old enough to know better. They both embrace and endorse the same punk DIY ethic as our bad selves, and it sure is a match made in rock ‘n’ roll hell!
Wet package
So, pre-sales are now live worldwide. Black vinyl, coloured vinyl, splatter vinyl, cassettes, t-shirts, CDs, test pressings, lyric sheets, downloads, UK editions, USA versions… It’s all on! Get your mitts on the exclusives before the general release in August 2015.
USA & CANADA: www.baldylonghair.com
UK, EUROPE & R.O.W: www.glunkrecords.bigcartel.com

Live at the Fleece Bristol

STOP PRESS! We’ll be supporting The Godfathers on the opening night of their 30th Anniversary Tour at The Globe in Cardiff this Thursday, 11th June 2015. We have £5 tickets available for Livers fans. Want in? Contact us direct through our Facebook page here.
godfathers and The Sick Livers


Wet package

The exclusive “Mid Liver Crisis” album pre-sales through Glunk Records are now live! Midnight stuck on 1st June and you crazy rock ‘n’ roll lovers went batshit crazy for the packages through the night. We cannot thank you enough. With 4 packages available, ranging from £15 to £45, what are you waiting for? At time of writing the ultimate “Wet” pack is very close to selling out. Pre-order now here.

Maximum rock n roll

For North American glunk fans, we can now reveal that Baldy Longhair’s exclusive packages (which differ from the European versions), go live on 06/06/15 at 6pm PST. With a highlighter yellow edition of the vinyl and exclusive cassettes with both Livers’ albums, the only place you’ll need to be if you’re from the U.S. of A is here.

Wales online

Pre-sale action hit the punk media and beyond this week, with Uber Rock and Vive Le Rock covering the release. “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious” was also featured on Wales Online’s ’27 Tracks To Soundtrack Your Weekend.’ Listen to the playlist now here.

MLC Banner

“Mid Liver Crisis” on general sale in August 2015 via Glunk Records (GLUNK004LP) and Baldy Longhair Records (BLR020).