Sick livers Slugfest 9

As posted across social media in the last few days… BANG! WE’RE OUTTA HERE! The Sick Livers are no more. What you witnessed at Slugfest 9 was the last show to be played by the band.

We thank you all for your support over the years. With no management, agents or music industry bullshit, we managed to tour and release two albums to critical acclaim. Not bad for a bunch of ageing D.I.Y. chancers, eh?
Sick livers Slugfest 9

Ginge Knievil had the following additional statement to make:

“So many messages of support and love for The Sick Livers since we announced we’ve imploded. Never had so many likes and shares. We should split up more often! It’s like when Take That called it a day or something. A life of tax dodging must be on the cards soon!

I’d like to thank VJ, Dai, Darren and Matty for the amazing times. Had we known we’d have made it out of the garage we probably would’ve picked a better band name!

Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that we’d have toured the UK and Ireland, release two albums to critical punk acclaim, and also rub shoulders with our teenage musical heroes. Oh, and I had my head in the NME and Classic Rock. What the fuck?!?!

Sorry there’s no juicy break-up story to put in Take A Shit magazine. To coin some ex Housemartins, call it a split due to “musical similarities” or something.

To all the bands, promoters, venues and friends we made along the way – you’re well tidy, you are!”

Sick livers Slugfest 9It looks like we made a bit of an impression and shook things up on the toilet circuit. Check out the comments or leave your abuse HERE


Also, don’t pay silly prices on eBay or Discogs for our vinyl and CDs. The last of our merch is available HERE



Sick livers Slugfest 9

Photo courtesy of Ashlea Bea. Check out her amazing stuff HERE


The Sick Livers Slugfest 9 Setlist

So many great people, so many great bands; Slugfest surpasses itself once more to surely claim the top spot as the UK’s premier free DIY festival which benefits worthy charities.

The Sick Livers at Slugfest 9

We’d like to thank all involved in making the event what it is and to those who gave The Livers so much love. Ginge said afterwards that on times during the set he was rendered somewhat speechless by the crowd response… and that must be a first! We never take for granted the mayhem you generate with us for 45 minutes and in turn it reaffirms the reason why us ageing punk chancers keep doing what we do.

Ginge Together Stronger

As Wales makes footballing history on making the semi-finals of a major tournament, we thank you the Slugfest faithful for joining an impromptu rabble-rousing rendition of the Welsh National Anthem led by Ginge. Extended appreciation to our friends from England, Scandinavia and beyond for their tolerance too!!


With three new songs previewed in the Slugfest set, we’ll be showcasing more during our August dates in Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff and London. It would be very tidy to see faces old and new in those cities. All the details are HERE.

The Sick Lives at Slugfest 9

Slugfest – we fucking love you!


Slugfest 9

Just under a week until the greatest, messiest, punkest, freest, underground DIY festival descends on Wales for it’s 9th year. Yes folks, it’s Slugfest time again. Woo! We play Saturday 2nd July 2016 at 19:30 hrs prompt. Also on the bill are a host of great bands and greater people from across the UK and Scandinavia in the shape of The Chuck Norris Experiment, The Hip Priests, Razorbats, The Lash, Pizzatramp, Smiler, Trigger McPoopshute, and more!

Slugfest 9

As with every year, whilst the festivities are free to the punter, money is still being raised on the weekend for good causes. We kindly ask you to chuck the cost of a pint to one of the following chosen charities…

• • •

Macmillan Cancer Support HERE

• • •

North Gwent Cardiac Rehabilitation and Aftercare Charity HERE


The Sick Livers are ready! See you all at Slugfest!!!



As we are currently holed up in the Rhondda Valleys writing a new bunch of singalong glam punk anthems, we are proud to announce a series of UK dates for August 2016.
• • •
02/08/16 – The Exchange, Bristol w/ The Dwarves + CJ Ramone.
• • •
12/08/16 – Turbojugend Dirty Weekend @ Quadrant, Brighton w/ Boycott The Baptist + Crypsis + Rotten Foxes + Human Leather + more.
• • •
13/08/16 – The Globe, Cardiff w/ Henry’s Funeral Shoe + Dead Shed Jokers + Heavy Flames.
• • •
20/08/16 – Some Weird Sin @ Windmill Brixton, London w/ Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons + Oh!Gunquit + Hands Off Gretel + RAW FUN + FLASH HOUSE + Crack Foxes + The Pink Diamond Revue + Mig 21.
• • •
Up to date info on all the above dates can be found on our Facebook event page HERE
Slugfest 9 times
Our next live appearance is at Slugfest 9 at The Dolls House in Abertillery, Wales. For those not in the know, Slugfest is arguably the best underground festival in the UK. It’s also the maddest, as depicted in the photo below. Poor Ginge Knievil! As always, it’s FREE ENTRY! Going from strength to strength every year, this year there are camping facilities on offer for the punk rock price of £6.20 per night! We play Saturday 2nd July 2016 with Razorbats (Norway), The Chuck Norris Experiment (Sweden), The Hip Priests (England) and more. All the info can be found HERE.
Jesus wept 


Gingers stuff

There’s just two shows left before we knuckle down and get writing and recording for a very special release at the end of the year. We’re already 3 songs to the good with more hitting the demo machine this Monday in the depths of the Rhondda Valleys. So, the last chance to do the glunk dance for a short while can be located at…

Sick Livers Louisiana Brsitol 2016

Saturday 16th April 2016 at The Louisiana in Bristol. It’s been an age since we’ve played this legendary venue and are well up for the Killing Moon party. We headline upstairs and also on the bill are The Dynamite Pussy Club, The Backhand Jags, Jemima Surrender, Rauschenberg, and New Cowboy Builders. It’s gonna be a stormer! Advance tickets are just £5 from Bristol Ticket Shop HERE

Happy 50th George

Saturday 23rd April 2016 sees us celebrate 50 debauched years of Hacksaw’s George McDonald at The Belvoir Castle in Bath. There’s a killer line-up of punk rock including Drongos For Europe, The Pukes, Hater UK, Trigger McPoopshute, and more. All the details can be found on the Facebook event page HERE.

Slugfest 9

So, aside from the annual weekend treat of the greatest free underground punk and metal extravaganza that is Slugfest 9 in July (pictured above), it’s to the rehearsal rooms and then to some shed in the back of beyond to record in the DIY fashion we know and love. As well as the very special release, there’s some killer BIG gigs in the pipeline for August and September. Full details as soon as the promoters give us the say so! Stay up to date with all Sick things on our Facebook page HERE.

Gingers guitar



Darling Buds Sick Livers Le Pub

First out of the April gig bag is a support slot with 80s indie pop legends The Darling Buds at Newport’s Le Pub. This Friday 1st April 2016 show is part of their 30th anniversary celebrations as they hit London’s 100 Club the following night. At last count there were just 21 tickets left online for this double header. You know what to do if you want in! Grab a ticket HERE

Sick Livers Louisiana Bristol

On Saturday 16th April 2016 we hit The Louisiana in Bristol for Killing Moon’s Dirt Tracks #1. It’s been a while since we’ve played this legendary Bristol venue, so we’re well pumped for it. Both floors are being utilised with bands and DJs and we headline upstairs. Also on the bill are the Dynamite Pussy Club, The Backhand Jags, Raushenberg, Jemima Surrender, New Cowboy Builders, and more. Tickets are £5 in advance HERE.

Sick Livers George Hacksaw 50th birthday

On Saturday 23rd April 2016 it is our honour to play for George of Hacksaw’s 50th birthday celebrations at The Belvoir Castle in Bath. Drongos For Europe headline as we join The Pukes, Trigger McPoopshute, and more. This could get messy! Info on Facebook HERE

Gingers stuff

SNEAKY STOP PRESS: Stuff is happening for a top secret autumn tour and record release. Watch this space!


Collated from tonnes of raw live clips from up and down the UK and Ireland, check out this DIY video that our VJ made for “This Is My Denim” featuring Andy Cairns (Therapy). Hopefully it captures the live madness of a show by The Sick Livers. Oh, and can you spot yourself?