The “Taking Liberties” UK Tour with New Jersey’s The Disconnects is now finalised. From 26th August 2015 we will be bringing the glunk rock to Cardiff, Bristol, London, Gateshead and Nottingham. Please feel free to share the poster above and/or join our Facebook event page here.

press packs

As press packs go out for review, we’d like to thank those who’ve pre-ordered “Mid Liver Crisis” via Glunk Records or Baldy Longhair. Once again we are humbled by your support. With some packages sold-out, there’s just 5-ish weeks to grab a bundle should you want one. Please note, these exclusives won’t be available on general sale on the official August release. Pre-order worldwide now from…
BBC introducing
Adam Walton premiered “This Is My Denim” on his BBC Radio Wales show on Saturday 20th June 2015. The opening track to the new album also features a cameo from Andy Cairns of Therapy?. You can listen back on the BBC iPlayer (we’re approx. 2 hrs 43 mins) by clicking here




It is with great pleasure that we announce a joint headline UK tour with New Jersey’s The Disconnects – our new label stablemates courtesy of Glunk Records (UK) and Baldy Longhair (USA). Kicking off in Cardiff on 26th August 2015 and taking in Bristol, London, Gateshead and Nottingham, get prepared for 5 days of pure unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll fun! Expect to pay somewhere around the £5 mark for each gig – fucking proper! Keep up to date with it all via the Facebook tour page here

Ginge live

The glam punk lovers over at Uber Rock were kind enough to run a story on the tour, with a few words from frontman Ginge Knievil. Check it all out on the only music website that matter here.

Sick livers press packs

At time of writing, Glunk Records were prepping and posting the “Mid Liver Crisis” press packs ready for review. It’s a-coming we tell thee. Exclusive worldwide pre-orders (not for sale on general release in August 2015) are available through June and July. Buy from…




pre sale flyer

With the UK and European pre-sales going live last week via Glunk Records and the top package selling out within 24 hours, the USA and Canadian editions went live this weekend via Baldy Longhair Records.
Glunk And Baldylonghair
We’re extremely proud to be working alongside both labels and can’t thank them enough for supporting the stuff generated from us filthy 5 Welsh guys who are old enough to know better. They both embrace and endorse the same punk DIY ethic as our bad selves, and it sure is a match made in rock ‘n’ roll hell!
Wet package
So, pre-sales are now live worldwide. Black vinyl, coloured vinyl, splatter vinyl, cassettes, t-shirts, CDs, test pressings, lyric sheets, downloads, UK editions, USA versions… It’s all on! Get your mitts on the exclusives before the general release in August 2015.

Live at the Fleece Bristol

STOP PRESS! We’ll be supporting The Godfathers on the opening night of their 30th Anniversary Tour at The Globe in Cardiff this Thursday, 11th June 2015. We have £5 tickets available for Livers fans. Want in? Contact us direct through our Facebook page here.
godfathers and The Sick Livers


Wet package

The exclusive “Mid Liver Crisis” album pre-sales through Glunk Records are now live! Midnight stuck on 1st June and you crazy rock ‘n’ roll lovers went batshit crazy for the packages through the night. We cannot thank you enough. With 4 packages available, ranging from £15 to £45, what are you waiting for? At time of writing the ultimate “Wet” pack is very close to selling out. Pre-order now here.

Maximum rock n roll

For North American glunk fans, we can now reveal that Baldy Longhair’s exclusive packages (which differ from the European versions), go live on 06/06/15 at 6pm PST. With a highlighter yellow edition of the vinyl and exclusive cassettes with both Livers’ albums, the only place you’ll need to be if you’re from the U.S. of A is here.

Wales online

Pre-sale action hit the punk media and beyond this week, with Uber Rock and Vive Le Rock covering the release. “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious” was also featured on Wales Online’s ’27 Tracks To Soundtrack Your Weekend.’ Listen to the playlist now here.

MLC Banner

“Mid Liver Crisis” on general sale in August 2015 via Glunk Records (GLUNK004LP) and Baldy Longhair Records (BLR020).




As reported by Uber Rock earlier in the week, the pre-sales for “Mid Liver Crisis” go live on 1st June 2015. With options including vinyl, CDs, cassettes, t-shirts, lyric sheets and more, the only link you’ll ever need is HERE!

As “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious” is in the public domain via the BBC, The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, BRfm and more, fill your boots by streaming it on SoundCloud above. Charlie Harper of the UK Subs has already declared it “the best song Hanoi Rocks never wrote!” Play it loud, glunk fans!
MLC test pressing.

STOP PRESS! At time of writing, the LP test pressings have arrived at Glunk Records’ HQ. The head honcho of said record label has pronounced it “LOUD AS FUCK!” Exciting times ahead indeed.


Join us in a “Mid Liver Crisis” come August 2015 on Glunk Records (GLUNK004LP) and Baldy Longhair Records (BLR020).


MLC 12" insert

This week those kind folks over on the only music website that matters, Uber Rock, previewed the new album art and track listing. Based on Ginge Knievil’s trusty beer and sweat soaked gig jacket, we hope you’ll all provide some photos when you have the 12″ in your grubby mitts. You can be Ginge! The vinyl inserts (above) have also arrived courtesy of Armitage Smith in old London Town, and they look fucking amazing! That full Uber Rock story here.

Sick Livers on Tape

We also hit the pages of Punk News concerning the Baldy Longhair Records cassette version of “Mid Liver Crisis” this week. The new album will be on Side A with a first USA release for “Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing” on Side B. Oh, and you also get ‘Hell Of A Girl’ and ‘Rumney Rock City’ as bonus tracks, making this the ultimate analogue story of The Sick Livers thus far. The reversible sleeve (above) is also very slick, we’re sure you’ll agree. The Punk News article can be found here.

BBC Radio Wales

Last weekend new track “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious” was premiered on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show. The host gave us a “legendary” label so we now feel just like Newport’s TJs! Listen back to the track on the BBC iPlayer, we’re about 2 hours and 5 minutes in. 23 days left and counting! Click here.

“Mid Liver Crisis” – out August 2015 on Glunk Records (GLUNK004LP) and Baldy Longhair (BLR020).


The Sick Livers in Dublin

The build-up to the August release of our new album has began. The Glunk Records opus that is “Mid Liver Crisis” is almost upon us, and we can now officially announce that New Jersey’s Baldy Longhair Records will be taking care of business in the US of A. We’re extremely proud to have them onboard, and they had the following to say…

What Baldy said

Pre-sale packages go live via the Glunk Records webstore on 1st June 2015. Look out for formats and optional extras galore. 12″ black vinyl, 12″ coloured vinyl, CD, cassette, download and a whole lot more. All with be revealed shortly. Keep your eyes and ears peeled here.

The teaser trailer (above) premiered on Uber Rock yesterday. A first glimpse of “One Man Stag Do” off the album, along with some words from Ginge Knievil. Read the full article here.

Ginge holds court

Standby for more album teasers via Uber Rock and an August UK tour to support the release with our most awesome label-mates from across the pond – The Disconnects. It’s gonna be the summer of glunk we tell thee! In the short-term, roll on the end of the month where we’ll be entertaining Dai’s hometown of Neath, as well as Bristol with proto-punk legends The Dictators. Details on the flyers below. Let’s get it on! 

flyers may 2015