MLC 12" insert

This week those kind folks over on the only music website that matters, Uber Rock, previewed the new album art and track listing. Based on Ginge Knievil’s trusty beer and sweat soaked gig jacket, we hope you’ll all provide some photos when you have the 12″ in your grubby mitts. You can be Ginge! The vinyl inserts (above) have also arrived courtesy of Armitage Smith in old London Town, and they look fucking amazing! That full Uber Rock story here.

Sick Livers on Tape

We also hit the pages of Punk News concerning the Baldy Longhair Records cassette version of “Mid Liver Crisis” this week. The new album will be on Side A with a first USA release for “Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing” on Side B. Oh, and you also get ‘Hell Of A Girl’ and ‘Rumney Rock City’ as bonus tracks, making this the ultimate analogue story of The Sick Livers thus far. The reversible sleeve (above) is also very slick, we’re sure you’ll agree. The Punk News article can be found here.

BBC Radio Wales

Last weekend new track “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious” was premiered on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show. The host gave us a “legendary” label so we now feel just like Newport’s TJs! Listen back to the track on the BBC iPlayer, we’re about 2 hours and 5 minutes in. 23 days left and counting! Click here.

“Mid Liver Crisis” – out August 2015 on Glunk Records (GLUNK004LP) and Baldy Longhair (BLR020).


The Sick Livers in Dublin

The build-up to the August release of our new album has began. The Glunk Records opus that is “Mid Liver Crisis” is almost upon us, and we can now officially announce that New Jersey’s Baldy Longhair Records will be taking care of business in the US of A. We’re extremely proud to have them onboard, and they had the following to say…

What Baldy said

Pre-sale packages go live via the Glunk Records webstore on 1st June 2015. Look out for formats and optional extras galore. 12″ black vinyl, 12″ coloured vinyl, CD, cassette, download and a whole lot more. All with be revealed shortly. Keep your eyes and ears peeled here.

The teaser trailer (above) premiered on Uber Rock yesterday. A first glimpse of “One Man Stag Do” off the album, along with some words from Ginge Knievil. Read the full article here.

Ginge holds court

Standby for more album teasers via Uber Rock and an August UK tour to support the release with our most awesome label-mates from across the pond – The Disconnects. It’s gonna be the summer of glunk we tell thee! In the short-term, roll on the end of the month where we’ll be entertaining Dai’s hometown of Neath, as well as Bristol with proto-punk legends The Dictators. Details on the flyers below. Let’s get it on! 

flyers may 2015



Sick livers in Dublin

It wouldn’t be a trip with The Sick Livers without some debacle or other! But hey, Dublin, we made it! And what a trip it was.
Sick livers in Dublin 2
After flight delays galore resulting in cancellations, would this rabble of Welsh fuck-ups actually make the Emerald Isle? Aptly accompanied by 4 more of Wales’ most debauched elder statesmen in the shape of Trigger McPoopshute, and shacked up in swanky Cardiff Bay hotel a mere 24 hours before showtime in the Irish capital, things weren’t looking good. With a constant steam of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and benzodiazepines, the rock ‘n’ roll machine finally got airborne and it was game on!
Sick Livers stage invasion Dublin
A perfectly formed enthusiastic crowd awaited us at The Pint on Eden Quay. Inclusive of a few mad Welsh travellers, the up-for-the-craic crowd lost their inhibitions to the glunk, with Tubrojugend Dublin leading the charge! A “Denim Demon” and “Bummed To Death” finale cumulated in a stage invasion, complete with some Swedish skins on tambourine!
Dublin Setlist
So, thank yous to… Moz and Elaine in Ireland for all your hard work; to Trigger McPoopshute – touring partners that wet dreams are made of; Carlos and team at The Pint for amazing throbbing sound and snazzy light show; to Pat the driver on Irish soil; to Lewis Davies, Alan Cahill and Michael Murphy for travelling; to the Turbojugend in attendance; to Flemings Photography (proper shots to follow); and to all who came and partied. Absolutely blown away yet again.
Nid Liver Crisis crop
“Mid Liver Crisis” is officially at the pressing plant. Standby for an album teaser trailer! Hopefully see you for more gig lunacy at a town near you real soon. Full listings here


The Pint Dublin One Night Stand

Mayday! Mayday! This bank holiday weekend sees us jet into Dublin for a one night stand at The Pint on Eden Quay on Saturday 2nd May 2015.
Mid liver teaser
Our man on the Irish streets has been going flyer mad and we’re a little bit blown away by the advance ticket sales. With those backdoor Welsh Valley punkers Trigger McPoopshute bringing up the rear, it promises to be one hell of a night!
Turbojugend Dublin
Additional shout-out to the sailor men and women of Turbojugend Dublin who have been sharing the gig across social media. It’s very much appreciated. Beers ahoy with those guys and gals!
Dublin stuff
Cheap advance tickets are still available by telephoning 0876 819589. €7 will see you in on the door on the night, or pay in pounds and pence here.


Mid Liver Crisis iPhone

Our new album “Mid Liver Crisis” goes off to the pressing plant next week. A DIY labour of love which we’re extremely proud of. Writing, playing, recording, mixing, engineering, mastering… All done by The Sick Livers.
Glunk And Baldylonghair
Scheduled for a summer 2015 release worldwide through Glunk Records (UK & Europe) and Baldy Longhair Records (USA). “MLC” will be available on various 12″ vinyl options, CD, cassette and download.

Stay tuned for pre-sale packages, an August UK tour announcement with New Jersey’s The Disconnects, a YouTube album teaser, and a music video for ‘Dark, Dangerous & Delicious.’
Many masters
We got there, Goddammit! GLUNK D.I.Y. ‘TIL WE DIE!!! Tidy.


Iolo This Is My Denim

As we put the final touches to our second long player and send it off to the pressing plant, there’s a few spring gigs to report of before we embark on a summer UK tour with Baldy Longhair’s The Disconnects from the USA. Get your diaries at the ready and polish those dancing shoes in preparation.

Stagfest 2015

On Thursday 2nd April 2015, we play the opening evening of Bristol’s Stagfest. What better way to start the Easter weekend than a free entry show! Full event details can be found here

GBH Pyle

Two days later we return to the Bridgend borough and hit Pyle Legion supporting the legendary GBH on Saturday 4th April. All the lowdown is here.

Le Pub April 2015

Wanna hear a big chunk of the new LP, plus all your Sick favourites live? A headline show at Newport’s Le Pub on Friday 17th April should see you alright. We may even be unveiling a 6th Liver on the night. Oooh! Just 13 tickets left at last count, it’s heading for another sell-out. Grab one while you can for £5 by clicking here.

The Pint Dublin One Night Stand

On the May Bank Holiday weekend we jet into Dublin for a one off show at The Pint on Saturday 2nd. Tickets are €6 a pop by telephoning 087 681 9589. UK travellers can get a ticket for £5 here.

The Dictators at The Fleece Bristoll

To close the spring season, we are honoured to be supporting New York City proto-punk legends The Dictators at The Fleece in Bristol on Friday 29th May. Tickets available from all major online retailers. Death & Glory Promotions’ event page can be found here.

Uber Rock

Whilst standing by for news on the August UK jaunt with The Disconnects and getting your juices following for “Mid Liver Crisis”, get the lowdown on the new album as Ginge and VJ talk exclusively to Uber Rock. Pour a glass of your favourite tipple and relax into all the gossip and all the bollocks here



As we type, the new album is taking a dirty, twisted and glorious glam punk rock shape. A 10 strong killer chorus and big riff laden opus that we believe to be our best work to date. Early seals of approval have already been stamped by our peers in the shape of Charlie Harper (UK Subs) and Andy Cairns (Therapy?). The latter agreed to supply the vocal intro to the album’s opening track – “This Is My Denim.” Massive thanks to Andy and to Ian Glasper of Thirty Six Strategies for hooking us up. There could be a second guest appearance to follow too, so watch this space!

The One Night Stand At The Pint Dublin

Over the coming months we’ve gigs aplenty. From hometown shows in our native Wales, a few festival appearances, a support slot with The Dictators, jetting into Dublin for a one night stand, and more. Full details of all our shows with ticket links can be found  Here.

Gingers Back!

Head over to Uber Rock as Ginge Knievil talks briefly about a special one-off LP preview show at Newport’s Le Pub, plus the forthcoming date in the Irish capital and more. Click HERE.


Before we go headlong into “Mid Liver Crisis” for Glunk Records in June, check out the online merch stall over the coming weeks for new tees and a limited badge set to coincide with the 10 new album tracks. The future goodies can be found HERE.

Dj at Le Pub

So, it’s all systems go! We thank and love you for the continued support you give to us humble Welsh DIY chancers. Tidy.