Sick livers Slugfest 9

As posted across social media in the last few days… BANG! WE’RE OUTTA HERE! The Sick Livers are no more. What you witnessed at Slugfest 9 was the last show to be played by the band.

We thank you all for your support over the years. With no management, agents or music industry bullshit, we managed to tour and release two albums to critical acclaim. Not bad for a bunch of ageing D.I.Y. chancers, eh?
Sick livers Slugfest 9

Ginge Knievil had the following additional statement to make:

“So many messages of support and love for The Sick Livers since we announced we’ve imploded. Never had so many likes and shares. We should split up more often! It’s like when Take That called it a day or something. A life of tax dodging must be on the cards soon!

I’d like to thank VJ, Dai, Darren and Matty for the amazing times. Had we known we’d have made it out of the garage we probably would’ve picked a better band name!

Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that we’d have toured the UK and Ireland, release two albums to critical punk acclaim, and also rub shoulders with our teenage musical heroes. Oh, and I had my head in the NME and Classic Rock. What the fuck?!?!

Sorry there’s no juicy break-up story to put in Take A Shit magazine. To coin some ex Housemartins, call it a split due to “musical similarities” or something.

To all the bands, promoters, venues and friends we made along the way – you’re well tidy, you are!”

Sick livers Slugfest 9It looks like we made a bit of an impression and shook things up on the toilet circuit. Check out the comments or leave your abuse HERE


Also, don’t pay silly prices on eBay or Discogs for our vinyl and CDs. The last of our merch is available HERE



Sick livers Slugfest 9

Photo courtesy of Ashlea Bea. Check out her amazing stuff HERE

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