Gingers stuff

There’s just two shows left before we knuckle down and get writing and recording for a very special release at the end of the year. We’re already 3 songs to the good with more hitting the demo machine this Monday in the depths of the Rhondda Valleys. So, the last chance to do the glunk dance for a short while can be located at…

Sick Livers Louisiana Brsitol 2016

Saturday 16th April 2016 at The Louisiana in Bristol. It’s been an age since we’ve played this legendary venue and are well up for the Killing Moon party. We headline upstairs and also on the bill are The Dynamite Pussy Club, The Backhand Jags, Jemima Surrender, Rauschenberg, and New Cowboy Builders. It’s gonna be a stormer! Advance tickets are just £5 from Bristol Ticket Shop HERE

Happy 50th George

Saturday 23rd April 2016 sees us celebrate 50 debauched years of Hacksaw’s George McDonald at The Belvoir Castle in Bath. There’s a killer line-up of punk rock including Drongos For Europe, The Pukes, Hater UK, Trigger McPoopshute, and more. All the details can be found on the Facebook event page HERE.

Slugfest 9

So, aside from the annual weekend treat of the greatest free underground punk and metal extravaganza that is Slugfest 9 in July (pictured above), it’s to the rehearsal rooms and then to some shed in the back of beyond to record in the DIY fashion we know and love. As well as the very special release, there’s some killer BIG gigs in the pipeline for August and September. Full details as soon as the promoters give us the say so! Stay up to date with all Sick things on our Facebook page HERE.

Gingers guitar



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