Slugfest 9

Just under a week until the greatest, messiest, punkest, freest, underground DIY festival descends on Wales for it’s 9th year. Yes folks, it’s Slugfest time again. Woo! We play Saturday 2nd July 2016 at 19:30 hrs prompt. Also on the bill are a host of great bands and greater people from across the UK and Scandinavia in the shape of The Chuck Norris Experiment, The Hip Priests, Razorbats, The Lash, Pizzatramp, Smiler, Trigger McPoopshute, and more!

Slugfest 9

As with every year, whilst the festivities are free to the punter, money is still being raised on the weekend for good causes. We kindly ask you to chuck the cost of a pint to one of the following chosen charities…

• • •

Macmillan Cancer Support HERE

• • •

North Gwent Cardiac Rehabilitation and Aftercare Charity HERE


The Sick Livers are ready! See you all at Slugfest!!!

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