The Sick Livers Slugfest 9 Setlist

So many great people, so many great bands; Slugfest surpasses itself once more to surely claim the top spot as the UK’s premier free DIY festival which benefits worthy charities.

The Sick Livers at Slugfest 9

We’d like to thank all involved in making the event what it is and to those who gave The Livers so much love. Ginge said afterwards that on times during the set he was rendered somewhat speechless by the crowd response… and that must be a first! We never take for granted the mayhem you generate with us for 45 minutes and in turn it reaffirms the reason why us ageing punk chancers keep doing what we do.

Ginge Together Stronger

As Wales makes footballing history on making the semi-finals of a major tournament, we thank you the Slugfest faithful for joining an impromptu rabble-rousing rendition of the Welsh National Anthem led by Ginge. Extended appreciation to our friends from England, Scandinavia and beyond for their tolerance too!!


With three new songs previewed in the Slugfest set, we’ll be showcasing more during our August dates in Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff and London. It would be very tidy to see faces old and new in those cities. All the details are HERE.

The Sick Lives at Slugfest 9

Slugfest – we fucking love you!

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