The Sick Livers Pipeline 2016

Whoa! What a weekend that was! With Dai, our main flappy four stringer, recovering from his recent car crash, we entered London after a mere two hour rehearsal with the 11th hour stand-in that was Darrel Sutton from Trigger McPoopshute. Any trepidation was blown out of the water with the enthusiasm and accolades from the rabid crowd at The Pipeline following our hectic set. As always, we remain totally humbled for your love of five guys from Wales doing what they love.

Turbojugend Dublin

Some eternal weekend thanks and wanks to: Thomas Evrenos @ The Pipeline; Rich Rags (Role Models); Lee, Austin and Nathan (The Hip Priests); Coop and Gaz (X-Rays); The Chuck Norris Experiment; Tor Abyss (Lucifer Star Machine); Stevie Pearce (Warrior Soul); Martin Haslam (The Degenerates / Louder Than War); Dom Daley (Glunk Records); Amy Daley (for the snapshots); Charley Knievil (for merch duties, even on her birthday); Armitage Smith (The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show); Svenja Block (Photography); Dave Zorg (Musikpix); Captain Poon and Bloodlights; Zero Zero; Fuck Frankie; The Good The Bad and The Zugly; Crude Caress, Flash House; The Parkinsons; Turbojugend chapters the world over; To friends old and new.

The Sick Livers and Turbojugend Dublin

Our warts and all set is online for your aural (dis)pleasure via The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, where host Armitage advises.. “Frontman Ginge is undoubtedly one of the greatest R’n’R frontmen out there at the moment and can be relied upon to pulverise The Sick Livers’ pendulous Piñata of splendidly catchy Rock n Roll into several smithereens.” Listen back HERE.

Death time Assembly wood cut poster by Matt Valentine

The remainder of the amazing hand-printed woodcut posters to commemorate the event by Matt Valentine are now online. Grab one (while you can) HERE


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