Well, well, well… what an amazing 5 days that was! Our Glunk Records and Baldy Longhair comrades The Disconnects from New Jersey came, saw and conquered on their very first visit to these shores, and we were only too happy to bring up the rear on a British jaunt that was a match made in heaven. The rock ‘n’ roll shows ended way too soon but we believe we’ve made friends for life in Ryan, Tommy, Anthony and Lawrence, and not forgetting their tour manager / driver / crazy ecological teacher – Kyle. The crowds each night were insane, new friends were made and we’re left humbled by the love around the country for our glunk machine.

Sick Livers Fuel Rock Club Cardiff August 2015

Day 1 – Cardiff. Thanks to Ben Gallivan of Rockpie Promotions for a tidy school night turnout at Fuel Rock Club. Cheers to Forgery Lit for opening proceedings.
• • •
Day 2 – Bristol. Thanks to Paddy at the Stag & Hounds for putting on the gig and to Mike at the venue for looking after us with food and accommodation. Shout-out to Gilda Parade for opening up and partying afterwards.
• • •
Day 3 – London. Thanks to Thomas Evrenos at The Pipeline, we always feel at home in his awesome rock ‘n’ roll venue. Cheers to The Breakdowns for the support and be sure to check these guys out, folks. To travellers to the gig and the Turbojugend – we love you! Props to Dom Daley for the door and to Amy for fabulous merch duties. Many thanks to Armitage Smith for recording the show live for his Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show.
• • •
Day 4 – Gateshead. Thanks to Maz and Shev at the Black Bull for the awesome hospitality and the copious amounts of dark rum you fed Ginge for his poorly voice! Cheers to Jock from GBH for recommending us for the gig. What a venue!
• • •
Day 5 – Nottingham. Thanks to The Chameleon Team and for allowing us all a traditional British takeaway curry on your premises! Once again to The Breakdowns, we wish those guys all the best. To the Turbojugend again, you guys rule! Last but not least, cheers to Trigger McPoopshute who ensured the tour ended with a big Welsh bang.
The Sick Livers The Black Bull Gateshead August 2015
No doubt we’ve probably missed someone very important on the thank yous above due to drunkenness and/or fatigue, but check Mass Movement Magazine over the coming weeks for a personal warts and all tour diary from Ginge Knievil.
Sick Livers iTunes
As we get the news from Pirates Press that the vinyl version of “Mid Liver Crisis” is being shipped tomorrow (01/09/15), the digital format will be released worldwide tomorrow via iTunes and Amazon. Go grab it, glunk fans! Click here.
Matty Nottingham 2015

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