pre sale flyer

There’s just 3 weeks left of exclusive “Mid Liver Crisis” pre-sales from our labels, Glunk Records in the UK and Baldy Longhair in the USA. The response has been outstanding with Glunk’s top package selling out within hours. There’s still a host of deals available that will save you some sterling/dollar ahead of general release in August 2015.

Mid liver Crisis pre sale packages

Entry level packages start at £15 in the UK (with free P&P) for a black 12″, hand-numbered promo CD, download code, and unique 6×4″ photo. Now, you can’t say fairer than that! Purchase links available at the bottom of this post.
Reviews have started coming in from online sources, and it’s all positive stuff! Here’s a chunk of plaudits thus far…
“The Sick Livers have upped the ante and cranked out an anthem filled masterpiece!” MASS MOVEMENT (UK).
• • •
“You’ll find what you need on “Mid Liver Crisis” …catchy, high energy rock ‘n’ roll with uptempo punk fury!” VEGLAM (France).
• • •
“Cataclysmically catchy that it’s virtually impossible to resist… this album delivers on all fronts!” ÜBER RÖCK (UK).
• • •
“Remember when rock n roll used to be dangerous and dirty… No? The Sick Livers do and they are bringing it back with a vengeance! 8/10” MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC (UK).
• • •
“An all-out aural assault of the very best kind. Guitars up to eleven, thunderous bass and machine-gun drumming all lay down a backdrop for (Ginge) Knievil’s unique vocal style that could shatter glass at a 100 yards!” R*E*P*E*A*T FANZINE (UK).
Pork magazine advert
So, as the PORK magazine ad hits the printers in the USA, here’s the only links you’ll need until 31/07/15 for exclusive label only deals.
Glunk Records (UK / EUROPE / R.O.W) – Click here
Baldy Longhair Records (USA / CANADA) – Click here!
Mid Liver Crisis Tee
Stay tuned to our online merch stall as individual “Mid Liver Crisis” items go live from 1st August 2015, including a brand spanking new tee (pictured above). Thanks as always for your love of our brand of premier South Wales DIY punk rock ‘n’ roll. See you on the road come 26th August!

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