Ginge Slugfest 8

Just when you think, “it could never top last year!” – it only bloody well does! The rock ‘n’ roll juggernaut that is Slugfest, now in it’s 8th year, provided all the thrills of the underground in it’s customary free entry and all for charity manner.
Slugfest 8
We’d like to thank everyone who made our set a chaos-filled 45 minutes that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives! If you were there, you’ll know what happened. From shredded paper galore, to naked men getting spanked, and what about those strong men of Abertillery who lifted Ginge high above their heads? Slugfest is the best fest!
Slugfest 8 Plug
Our thanks extend beyond our set. Slugfest is a community that we are truly privileged to be a part of. So, a shout-out to Darrel Sutton and team, to all the bands that gave their services for free, to stall volunteers, to Pig’s noodle cooking skills, to face painters, to raffle donators and organisers, to the whole crew at the Dolls House, and to every mad-head who attended. You all make this a very special event that goes unrivalled as an essential part of any discerning punk and metallers year planner.
Slugfest at the Kickplate gallery
The Kickplate Gallery is still showing the Slugfest exhibition in Abertillery. It’s well worth a look, and many thanks to Lucy Edwards for the wall art (below), taken from an original photo by Ashlea Bea. Absolutely stunning.
Sick Livers by Lucy
Same time next year?
Glunk records

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