pre sale flyer

With the UK and European pre-sales going live last week via Glunk Records and the top package selling out within 24 hours, the USA and Canadian editions went live this weekend via Baldy Longhair Records.
Glunk And Baldylonghair
We’re extremely proud to be working alongside both labels and can’t thank them enough for supporting the stuff generated from us filthy 5 Welsh guys who are old enough to know better. They both embrace and endorse the same punk DIY ethic as our bad selves, and it sure is a match made in rock ‘n’ roll hell!
Wet package
So, pre-sales are now live worldwide. Black vinyl, coloured vinyl, splatter vinyl, cassettes, t-shirts, CDs, test pressings, lyric sheets, downloads, UK editions, USA versions… It’s all on! Get your mitts on the exclusives before the general release in August 2015.
USA & CANADA: www.baldylonghair.com
UK, EUROPE & R.O.W: www.glunkrecords.bigcartel.com

Live at the Fleece Bristol

STOP PRESS! We’ll be supporting The Godfathers on the opening night of their 30th Anniversary Tour at The Globe in Cardiff this Thursday, 11th June 2015. We have £5 tickets available for Livers fans. Want in? Contact us direct through our Facebook page here.
godfathers and The Sick Livers

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