As reported by Uber Rock earlier in the week, the pre-sales for “Mid Liver Crisis” go live on 1st June 2015. With options including vinyl, CDs, cassettes, t-shirts, lyric sheets and more, the only link you’ll ever need is HERE!

As “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious” is in the public domain via the BBC, The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, BRfm and more, fill your boots by streaming it on SoundCloud above. Charlie Harper of the UK Subs has already declared it “the best song Hanoi Rocks never wrote!” Play it loud, glunk fans!
MLC test pressing.

STOP PRESS! At time of writing, the LP test pressings have arrived at Glunk Records’ HQ. The head honcho of said record label has pronounced it “LOUD AS FUCK!” Exciting times ahead indeed.


Join us in a “Mid Liver Crisis” come August 2015 on Glunk Records (GLUNK004LP) and Baldy Longhair Records (BLR020).


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