MLC 12" insert

This week those kind folks over on the only music website that matters, Uber Rock, previewed the new album art and track listing. Based on Ginge Knievil’s trusty beer and sweat soaked gig jacket, we hope you’ll all provide some photos when you have the 12″ in your grubby mitts. You can be Ginge! The vinyl inserts (above) have also arrived courtesy of Armitage Smith in old London Town, and they look fucking amazing! That full Uber Rock story here.

Sick Livers on Tape

We also hit the pages of Punk News concerning the Baldy Longhair Records cassette version of “Mid Liver Crisis” this week. The new album will be on Side A with a first USA release for “Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing” on Side B. Oh, and you also get ‘Hell Of A Girl’ and ‘Rumney Rock City’ as bonus tracks, making this the ultimate analogue story of The Sick Livers thus far. The reversible sleeve (above) is also very slick, we’re sure you’ll agree. The Punk News article can be found here.

BBC Radio Wales

Last weekend new track “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious” was premiered on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show. The host gave us a “legendary” label so we now feel just like Newport’s TJs! Listen back to the track on the BBC iPlayer, we’re about 2 hours and 5 minutes in. 23 days left and counting! Click here.

“Mid Liver Crisis” – out August 2015 on Glunk Records (GLUNK004LP) and Baldy Longhair (BLR020).

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