Sick livers in Dublin

It wouldn’t be a trip with The Sick Livers without some debacle or other! But hey, Dublin, we made it! And what a trip it was.
Sick livers in Dublin 2
After flight delays galore resulting in cancellations, would this rabble of Welsh fuck-ups actually make the Emerald Isle? Aptly accompanied by 4 more of Wales’ most debauched elder statesmen in the shape of Trigger McPoopshute, and shacked up in swanky Cardiff Bay hotel a mere 24 hours before showtime in the Irish capital, things weren’t looking good. With a constant steam of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and benzodiazepines, the rock ‘n’ roll machine finally got airborne and it was game on!
Sick Livers stage invasion Dublin
A perfectly formed enthusiastic crowd awaited us at The Pint on Eden Quay. Inclusive of a few mad Welsh travellers, the up-for-the-craic crowd lost their inhibitions to the glunk, with Tubrojugend Dublin leading the charge! A “Denim Demon” and “Bummed To Death” finale cumulated in a stage invasion, complete with some Swedish skins on tambourine!
Dublin Setlist
So, thank yous to… Moz and Elaine in Ireland for all your hard work; to Trigger McPoopshute – touring partners that wet dreams are made of; Carlos and team at The Pint for amazing throbbing sound and snazzy light show; to Pat the driver on Irish soil; to Lewis Davies, Alan Cahill and Michael Murphy for travelling; to the Turbojugend in attendance; to Flemings Photography (proper shots to follow); and to all who came and partied. Absolutely blown away yet again.
Nid Liver Crisis crop
“Mid Liver Crisis” is officially at the pressing plant. Standby for an album teaser trailer! Hopefully see you for more gig lunacy at a town near you real soon. Full listings here

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