As we type, the new album is taking a dirty, twisted and glorious glam punk rock shape. A 10 strong killer chorus and big riff laden opus that we believe to be our best work to date. Early seals of approval have already been stamped by our peers in the shape of Charlie Harper (UK Subs) and Andy Cairns (Therapy?). The latter agreed to supply the vocal intro to the album’s opening track – “This Is My Denim.” Massive thanks to Andy and to Ian Glasper of Thirty Six Strategies for hooking us up. There could be a second guest appearance to follow too, so watch this space!

The One Night Stand At The Pint Dublin

Over the coming months we’ve gigs aplenty. From hometown shows in our native Wales, a few festival appearances, a support slot with The Dictators, jetting into Dublin for a one night stand, and more. Full details of all our shows with ticket links can be found  Here.

Gingers Back!

Head over to Uber Rock as Ginge Knievil talks briefly about a special one-off LP preview show at Newport’s Le Pub, plus the forthcoming date in the Irish capital and more. Click HERE.


Before we go headlong into “Mid Liver Crisis” for Glunk Records in June, check out the online merch stall over the coming weeks for new tees and a limited badge set to coincide with the 10 new album tracks. The future goodies can be found HERE.

Dj at Le Pub

So, it’s all systems go! We thank and love you for the continued support you give to us humble Welsh DIY chancers. Tidy. 





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