Happy New Year… and what better way to launch it than a one-off show in old London Town! On the 10th January 2015 we join Norwegian punks Honningbarna on their first headline UK show. The venue is our favourite rock ‘n’ roll haunt in E1, The Pipeline. Bringing up the rear is the excellent Cretin 77, so a full-on night of high-octane punk action is guaranteed. We know loads have snapped up tickets, but YOU can be part of the fun for £10. Tickets here

The new album is a-coming we tell thee! Ginge and VJ talk to Underkill TV about it all and more in Episode 95 (above). Give a watch and/or a “like” or a share on that social media, for we are very excited about the 10 new tracks that will make the next DIY glam punk opus.


We recorded “Motors…” in sheds and cellars, and the new LP will be no different apart from that we can now confirm the rhythm foundations will be laid in the ambience of Newport’s legendary Le Pub. Thanks to Sam at the venue for agreeing to do this for us. There’ll be something really special about pressing “play and record” in the magnificent and historic building.

Our online January sale is now live. That includes the remaining gold on black “Wet” t-shirts from the sold-out Newport show. Stocks are low, so you know what to do. Buy here.


We have it on good authority that Uber Rock have covered the aforementioned Newport show and it will be online at the end of this week (09/01/15). What will they make of the mayhem and chaos? Fuck knows! What we do know (and are extremely proud of) is we’ve made a few end of year lists, including “Gigs Of 2014” on the only music website that really matters. Check later for the Le Pub review, in the meantime the top gigs list can be viewed here.


Gigs are rolling in for 2015 and at this early stage we know we’ll be sharing the stage with some truly awesome bands… The Dictators, Chuck Norris Experiment, Exit International, Spunk Volcano, Honningbarna, En Garde, and more! Get in touch to touch us live. Full listing thus far are here.


So, it’s the month where the new album will get laid and we’d better get on it! The title has been decided, although we’re keeping it close to our barrel chests at this moment. A provisional order of debauched play has been touted (above) and Glunk Records are on hand to forward to the pressing plant for a hopeful spring release. The time is almost nigh to make you wet! Tidy.



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