Le Pub Xmas 2014 crowd

On an evening where a feast of musical genres hit Newport on the same night, there was a smell of that old “New Seattle” aroma in the air. Our horrible selves were ramping up the glam punk at Le Pub, the mighty reformed Dub War were ripping up The Basement and the 2 Rude all-stars were skanking in the Riverside. All shows amazingly attended, a definite triumph for the city of Newport.

Ginge Le Pub Xmas 2014

After proudly selling out our Le Pub show in a matter of hours and with tickets being exchanged, sold and bought until the final minutes, we were on for a mental night!

Xmas 2014 Badges

Thank you to Sam, Matt and all the staff at Le Pub for hosting and managing the event in the mêlée of drunkenness and debauchery. As photos come in, there were some proud owners of those personalised goodie bags that were cheap enough to make your local pound shop blush!

Le Pub Xmas 2014 Goody Bag

Excellent sets were turned in from Trigger McPoopshute (are they getting tighter? Ahem) and the resplendent noise in the form of Science Bastard. Massive wanks from The Livers’ ladies to both bands.

Le Pub 1014 xmas setlist

And people did travel from far and wide. Carmarthen, Bridgend, Bristol, Devon, Dorset, London… you really do blow us away with your support!
Le Pub Xmas 2014 crowd 2
You may have spotted some professional looking cameras darting around Le Pub. That’ll have been award winning filmmaker Hefin Rees and team. The foundations were being laid for a 2015 warts and all rockumentary on the band. We’re serious! What’s the worst that could happen? Watch this space!!
Sick livers Xmas 2014 Stage invasion 1
VJ and Ginge also participated an exclusive pre-gig interview for Underkill TV (in the glamorous setting of the Travelodge foyer no less). Next year’s album was discussed along with the usual bollocks that leaves our mouths! Should be online in the next few weeks, we’ll keep you posted!
Matty Xmas 2014 Le Pub
So, in conclusion, an awesome night that ended in a mess of stage invasions, our lovely drummer downing windowed pint glasses of alcoholic slops and an impromptu bum-off (?!?!?!). To everyone who made it the night so, THANK FUCKING YOU!! Same time again next year, is it?
R.I.P Bugsy. Xx
For Bugsy. RIP. xxx 




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