C30, C60, C90, GO!

The track-listing has been announced for the Baldy Longhair & Fleeting Youth Records’ compilation for International Cassette Store Day 2014. “Two-Way Tie For Last” is a 38 band strong, 100 minutes of aural pleasure on one tape. The Sick Livers are track 2 on Side A. How tidy is that?

Having grown up with the cassette and the joy of the mixtape, there’s something quite romantic about being included in a brand new release on this format. Big Welsh thanks to the labels from across the pond who wanted to include us on this venture.


The compilation hits the following US stores on 27/09/14…Cassette store day (if they haven’t got it, demand it). And all for a mere $5 with a free download code we hear. Phwoar!

We’ll hopefully get our greasy UK mitts on some in the weeks following so we’ll keep you posted on that. Your battered car tape deck deserves a kick-arse compilation!

Fleeting Youth

Full track-listing available on this feature from Punk News… 

Very tidy indeed.

sl patch


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