Veej at Slugfest 7

It’s an honour and a privilege to be asked by Baldy Longhair Records of New Jersey, USA to feature on a complication for this year’s Cassette Store Day. Together with Fleeting Youth Records, the 38 track tape “Two-Way Tie For Last” will be available on 27th September 2014 at participating record stores. They’re priced at $5 in the US and we’ll hopefully get our greasy palms on some UK copies shortly afterwards for your Walkman.

Baldy longhair logo

Check out Baldy Longhair Records at and the list of Cassette Store Day releases at


As we type, Glunk Records are in negotiations for a distribution deal for “Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing” in Germany. There’s also distro for the LP in Japan planned. The latter will come with a special Japan only goodie bag. We hear the translators at Glunk Records are having a great time turning dirty Wenglish words into Japanese!!!


Also, there’s only a handful of “Motors…” CD’s left. After the first limited digipack pressing ran out, these second edition jewel case versions will follow suit as we’re now in single figures. Re-pressing is unlikely at this point in time as we focus on our next glamorous punk DIY opus. Be quick if you want one… (and there’s still a free patch with every purchase, you lucky devils, you).

Chuck Ransom of The Chuck Norris Experiment

After a few printing errors on the original “Handsome” tees (modelled above by Sweden’s Chuck Ransom of The Chuck Norris Experiment), the latest ones are double coated and twice as sexy. To those who’ve got the earlier “distressed” version, you’re probably sitting on a glunk rock gold mine! We will do returns however if you

Uberpalooza poster

And after our little virtual around the world trip, we’ll hopefully see some of you in the flesh at Uberpalooza. Tidy!



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