Ginge Slugfest 7

Have you recovered yet? We’re still more than a bit sketchy! So, another insane Slugfest in the bag for another year. This being the seventh (for those of you that can count), and it was certainly up there with the maddest!

Veej in the crowd. Slugfest 7

There was a little bit of pressure on us humble glunk underdogs after great plaudits from the previous two years. Plus, with 3 new songs in the set, how would they fare? The answer being, like anthems of old and bizarrely you all seemed to know the words! Tidy. All we can say is we had a fucking blast, we hope you did too and thanks for going completely bonkers for our set.

Matty and Ginge. Slugfest 7

Mr Johnny Hayward of Uber Rock: “an 8 song set list that literally flattened the place!”

Setlist for Slugfest 7

Look out for comprehensive review from the ladies at Uber Rock, taking in all the awesome bands who gave their time up for charity.

Veej at Slugfest 7

A massive shout-out as always to Darrel Sutton and his team for making the event as special as it is, and to the boys at The Dolls House in Abertillery Rock City for superbly hosting the madness. As the pennies are still being counted, we hope a shit-load was made for the chosen charities.

Our Heroes.

If you’d like to donate, there’s still time via the links below.




Livers live at Slugfest 7

Taken from some words from our new ditty “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious,” the ‘Handsome’ t-shirts flew out on the night and they’re also now available worldwide from our webstore for a punk rock price of £8. There’s also a summer sale on with t-shirts for a fiver, a free 7″ with all LP orders and a free patch with CD orders. Get ’em while you can! All proceeds go to recording our next album.


Handsome Bastards

On with the new album. T-I-D-Y!



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