Slugfest 7

That time of the year is upon us again. The time for drinking, for dancing and for falling over in the name of charity at the one and only Slugfest in Abertillery Rock City. Now in it’s 7th year, you will not find a nicer bunch of like-minded rock ‘n’ roll folk doing crazy things for good causes.

We hit the Saturday stage at 8pm, but don’t come then. Arrive on Friday 4th July and leave on the Sunday. Christ, never leave at all!  It’s seriously that good! Oh, and it’s still absolutely free.

handsome Tee

VJ has been busy beavering away in his shed to bring you a very limited run of t-shirts, which will be available at Slugfest and online thereafter (if there’s any left). Punk rock prices guaranteed. Are you handsome in a certain light? Of course you fucking are!

Meet & Tweet

One Declan Dineen had this madcap notion to meet all his Twitter followers last year. Ginge took part, and why wouldn’t he? He was told to meet in a pub! The results of Declan’s adventures were staggering as the story spread worldwide. Now his “Meet and Tweet” escapades have been turned into a show which will run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival through August 2014. The Sick Livers supply the intro tuneage in the shape of “Gimme The Drugs” and a trailer will be online soon. Check

Glunk Logo

Soon those magnificent bastards at Glunk Records will be launching their website. We were GLUNK001, but who will be GLUNK002? Stay tuned to

Ginge & Veej

And last but not least, we have some autumnal live UK dates for your diaries. Stuff from the new album will be previewed and the glam punk is a-coming stronger than ever. Head down to one of the following if you can, and don’t forget your cowbell!

13/09/14 – Uberpalooza @ The Dolls House, Abertillery w/ Dirtbox Disco + The Hip Priests + JD & The FDCs + Trigger McPoopshute.

03/10/14 – The Duke, Neath w/ TBC.
04/10/14 – Hobos, Bridgend w/ The Lash.
10/10/14 –  Karns Bar, Hinckley, Leicestershire  w/ The X-Rays.
11/10/14 – The Old Angel, Nottingham w/ The X-Rays.
12/10/14 – Matinee Show TBC.

07/11/14 – Venue TBC, Bristol w/ Hacksaw + Backhand Jags + The Dynamite Pussy Club.
21/11/14 – The Globe, Cardiff w/ UK Subs + Coffin Nails.


image 4


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