Punk for porky

As we’re in the midsts of writing our next glam punk opus, we thought we’d give you dirty lot the lead tracks from our three releases… for free! So, that’s…

• Gimme The Drugs – FREE!
• Rumney Rock City – FREE!
• Hell Of A Girl – FREE!

Head to to claim your freebies. If you like what you hear, support future tours and releases by getting the hard copies at …and you could look just like this awesome guy…

Andy tipsy

We’re 6 or 7 songs to the good/bad for our next album and we think you ‘orrible lot will lap up their lowdown and dirty glunk rock grooves. And don’t worry, there’s singalong choruses aplenty yet again!

DJ The Meat Slinger

Our “Cocaine Jeans” video notched up over 500 individual hits in it’s first week. We’re happy with that for a bunch of DIY chancers who ought to know better. Why not be a darling and share (if you haven’t already) the vid on your favourite social media format? We like going viral or something!

Next live stop is at the always free and always mental Slugfest. We play the Saturday (flyer below). Expect new tuneage amid the usual annual chaos. Hope to see you there for an ale or thirteen. Tidy.

 Slugfest 7




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