Things may appear quiet over the coming months but we promise you we’re still alive and still motoring. Sorry about that!!

Not only is our (somewhat) critically acclaimed LP available from our bad selves, but you can now support future Glunk Records releases by grabbing one from your local independent UK record store (via Cargo Distro) or from Amazon worldwide.

Now’s the time to our debut DIY masterpiece… while you still can! It’s fucking awesome but don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews below.


VIVE LE ROCK: “A balls-out wall of rock ‘n’ roll guitar fronted by the irrepressible (and possibly certifiable) Ginge Knievil. 7/10″

BROKEN EARS MAG: “From start to finish, a DIY masterpiece!”

TERRORIZER MAGAZINE: “You get both barrels between the eyes from one of the hardest rockin’ punk ‘n’ roll bands on the circuit today!”

UBER ROCK: “Simply fan-fucking-tastic!”

ARTCORE FANZINE: “A meat feast of 8 punk rock ‘n’ roll belters!”

MASS MOVEMENT MAGAZINE: “A damn fine platter of punk rawk ‘n’ roll with some of the most memorable choruses this side of AC/DC!”

UNDERKILL TV: “5/5 – a must have!”

BUZZ MAGAZINE: “Fast paced guitar, growling bass and guttural vocals – a relentless album!”

PURE RAWK: “20 minutes of breakneck riffathons about booze-fests gone horribly wrong!”

RUN THE TRACK MAGAZINE: “Sleazy punk rock ‘n’ roll at it’s best!”

DIVERSE MUSIC: “A balls out rock ‘n’ roll album. Get pissed and buy it!”

CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE “Cops and blood and sirens and screaming. That is what this record sounds like. On purpose.”

PUNK GLOBE: “They just want to make catchy enjoyable music… and they succeed!!”

VEGLAM: “Loud sleazy rock ’n’ roll guitars deliver some dirty fun in 8 songs. You can feel high energy running in the these guys veins.”

LINK 2 WALES: “This is modern retro music with LOUD GUITARS, this is Spunk Rock, these are the New Port Dolls, this is 24 minutes of DIY infidelity glunk!”

Need to blag a promo for review? Email us at

And although we appear quiet… STUFF IS HAPPENING!


See you soon. Tidy!


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