Le Pub 19th April 2014

Hey, glunkers! Come party with us this Saturday (19th April 2014) as we hit Newport’s Le Pub for a one-off show.

Red Medicine presents our dirty selves along with London noise merchants Death Pedals and local lads Swift Arvel. At £4 on the door, you can’t even get a pack of smokes for that!

Oh, it’s Record Store Day too so grab our LP from Diverse Records (also now available in all independent shops that deal with Cargo Records), learn all the “woos” and “yeahs” before joining us in the evening for the usual shenanigans we provide for your special entertainment needs.

Album of the week

We also welcome the flappy four stringer maestro Dai back to the fold after his brief absence. You’ll have to ask him where he went, we’re not entirely sure ourselves. Find him at the merch table, flogging the last of the tour t-shirts and spinning yarns of bands you don’t care about.

Hope to see you there!


Merch also available online at:

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