Lee Loves Ginge

We made it back alive! After band absentees and monumental setbacks of Spinal Tap proportions, we only pulled the bloody thing off!! Properly blown away by the response from every town and city we intruded. Massive wanks must go to those blighters in The Hip Priests. Without the van and gear hire, the whole thing would’ve been a non-starter after the fuck-ups in the weeks previous. Eternally grateful, ladies.
Nelius CoxiusSo, Worcester. A great little venue in The Firefly and cracking booze to boot. Much love to Surprise Attacks for putting us on and for the hospitality of Neilius Coxius of 36 Strategies (pictured above gracing a lovely t-shirt in Camden Town over the weekend). Proper old school punk rock hosting with food, petrol, beer and partying to Slade records into the wee hours. The local constabulary were most understanding… Thankfully. Cheers to Sian for the post gig whiskey too!
The Pipeline in London. Hands down, our favourite rock ‘n’ roll venue in the Big Smoke. Always made welcome and as owner Thomas Evrenos said, “The Sick Livers will always have a home in London.” That means the world. Another cracking crowd and night with props to Jim & Tonic of Turbojugend Soho for taking up the mantle of vocal duties on a run through “Denim Demon.” You killed it, Sir. Top hangouts too with Glunk Records’ head honcho Dom Daley and Jonny Cola and The A-Grades’ Mauro Venegas. Little did we know we shared a stage with the latter in a former guise in Newport’s TJ’s in the mid 2000’s. Small world! Cheers to Chris Senior for the digs, bacon sandwiches and drunken 2am debates in a Tottenham pub.
Live at the Pipeline
And then there was Nottingham. After a random afternoon meet-up with Coop from The X-Rays in The Old Angel, our new found butty took us Welsh nutters under his wing and showed us the sights. Next thing you know, he’s introducing us at The Chameleon and joining us on stage for a rabble rousing rendition of Turbonegro’s “Denim Demon!” Add in a meet-up with Rat from Discharge and a second night stormer of a set from Los Pepes, ’twas another top day and night of glunk fun.
Worcester Sauce
And to Abertillery. Well, we didn’t quite make it but not without good reason, and here’s the serious bit. After cracking stand-in tour bass duties from the mighty Ian Pickens, he was needed at home following a friend of his daughter taking his own life due to school bullying. A horrific event but you may be able to help prevent further tragedies by signing the petition on the link below to raise awareness of the issue. We’d be grateful if you took a few minutes to sign….
Drum and Bass
So, that’s that! A triumphant tour coupled with the Bristol and Portsmouth dates previous. We have honoured our commitments in the punk rock fashion we only now how. Thanks once again for all your kind comments after the gig and the many on social media sites. We hope to return to your towns again real soon.
Merch Board
Forgot to pick a little something up from the merch table? You can be as tidy as America’s NekroChow of 2 Fat Punks who picked up his copy online. Thanks for the support, mate!
Head over to for worldwide shipping.
2 Fat Punks
Next up this month… Our LP goes into independent shops up and down the UK via Cargo Records, and a week later we play Newport’s Le Pub for Record Store Day on 19th April with Death Pedals and Sweet Benfica. The return of the original 10 legged glunk machine. Careful now!
Le Pub 19th April 2014
Tidy as fuck!!!



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