Priests Vs Livers 2014
Okay glunkers, here we go! It’s the March and April 2014 dates in full detail. Expect to pay no more than five of yourhard-earned English pounds for each show. Our lovely sisters in arms (and wrists), The Hip Priests, will headline all dates with support listened above and below. Hope to see you at one of the shows, come say hiya at the merch table and share half a lager or something. Oh, and in the meantime if you could be so kind as to share the flyer about, that would be killer! Christ, you can even put it on your bedroom wall but be careful not to cover the Smash Hits poster of Wendy James! Thanks and wanks in advance… ’till the road! Tidy.


DATE: Friday 7th March 2014
VENUE: Stag & Hounds, 74 Old Market St, Bristol, BS25 5NJ


DATE: Saturday 8th March 2014
VENUE: The Milton Arms & Barn, 174 Milton Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8PR


DATE: Thursday 3rd April 2014
VENUE: The Firefly, 54 Lowesmoor, Worcester, WR1 2SE


DATE: Friday 4th April 2014
VENUE: The Pipeline, 94 Middlesex St, London, E1 7DA


DATE: Saturday 5th April 2014
VENUE: The Chameleon Arts Cafe, 17A Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HL


DATE: Sunday 6th April 2014
VENUE: The Dolls House, Alma St, Abertillery, NP13 1QA

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