2013 – A THANK YOU!

Le Pub crowd

When we started this trashy glam punk outfit, we expected to achieve well, nothing! This was all about making music we love for ourselves, and if a few people enjoyed it along the way then great! 2013 has totally blown everything out of the water.


There’s been too many highlights to mention, but hey we’ll have a go!
• Getting our album out there on vinyl, and receiving rapturous applause from the rock press.
• An appearance alongside our peers at Camden Rocks. Truly humbled to be accepted by what are heroes to us.
• A tour with our bad sisters The Hip Priests. Messy times and more to come in 2014. Oh dear!
• A split UK / Japanese 7″ courtesy of AM Records.
• A sell-out show (in under 8 days no less) in our adopted hometown of Newport. Amazing scenes.

We could go on, but then we also had to turn down a support with our glunk rock hero Sylvain Sylvain to honour a smaller show and we had a shitty photo in the NME with a predictable caption!


To top off the year in style, our album hit the number 4 spot overall at Uber Rock’s Albums of 2013. This is made all the more special given our DIY ethnic on how we recorded and released the album ourselves, with final input from Glunk Records. Check out the full Uber Rock lists here:

 But the main people to thank in all this is you guys. The ones who bought the record, came to the shows, wore the t-shirt and embraced our messy rabble rousing nonsense. You are fucking awesome and we love you!
Finally, check out Dai and Matty being interviewed for Underkill TV. There’s some sexy footage from the sold-out Le Pub show too.

Happy New Year, glunkers! See you in 2014 for more of the same.

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