So the online orders for the LP have been flying out via Uber Rock and we can’t thank you enough. Remember there’s only 250 copies of this bad boy (or at least there was!) so grab one now from… – you won’t regret it!
Don’t take our word for it though as reviews are still coming in. Check out this beauty from San Francisco based Punk Globe… – Tidy or what?
The patches arrived courtesy of and they look fucking ace. If you grabbed an early copy of the vinyl or a £10 ticket for the Le Pub gig, expect one of these bad boys in your package. Many thanks again to the patch guys. Check ’em out, they are proper as fuck.
Congratulations to the Uber Rock competition winners: Michelle Harris, Jamie Lee Warlow and Clive Newbury. You all win a +1 for the sold-out Le Pub show in Newport on 28/12/13. The signed white label test pressing was won by Patrik Hildingsson of Sweden. Enjoy your Crayola stained glunk, boyo! There’s lovely.
Next we tread the small but perfectly formed boards at The Duke in Neath on 14/12/13. A free show with support from our sports bras, control pants and Trigger McPoopshute. There’s a Facebook event page if that’s your bag so get sharing in the Wild West of Wales… – We love you long time for that!
And finally it’ll be onto the Le Pub show. Did you grab a £10 ticket? Then expect the bulging package below and nothing else! You spoilt glunkers, you. See you there and thanks again for your continued support. Simply put, you’re fucking awesome. xxx

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