The very first AM Records release has landed and The Sick Livers are proud as a drunken punch to be involved.
For those who’ve pre-ordered the split 7″ via ourselves, they are currently being shipped from our greasy palms to yours. Our share of records come in translucent red and there’s some still available for UK sales only at – but be quick!
We’d like to say a massive thanks to Dave Blakey for including us on this project along with The Neurotic Spiders, The Dead Vikings and of course The Hip Priests, who initiated the hook up. We’re eternally grateful and will pay lip service on our scheduled tour next year! And a special thank you goes to Carey Neill (Strange Magic Records), who sorted out the test pressings and shipped the records from across the pond. Cheers fella.
“The Royal Fumble” is available in an array of beautifully coloured vinyl and can be ordered internationally from – so jump to it! Full release info can also be found at
The Sick Livers also highly recommend a visit to the AM Records Facebook page for more stunning vinyl release over the coming months…
AM Records rule OK!

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