Ginge and Vj

Whoa! What a show that was. Thanks to those who showed up for Ginge and VJ’s hometown return to the busy bar of Hobos Live Music Venue in Bridgend. It had it all, from Ginge receiving a punk rock suplex during “Gimme The Drugs” to a stage invasion for “Bummed To Death.”

Much love to mates Ian Pickens, Darren Powell and co who were back on a stage for the first time in 17 years with their new outfit, Terrorbite. These are the local lads who inspired Ginge and VJ all those years ago to do what they still do today. Massive thanks and wanks to those guys.

Cheers to Paul Lewis of Hobos and Dean Whittaker of Imperial Music for having us, and to Jam for the incredible sound as always. Let’s do it again soon, eh? 

We hope the top boys in Not Since The Accident get well soon also.

Onwards to play up for Pompey on 14th September. Tidy as.


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