The Sick Livers Slugfest 666


The Sick Livers rocked Slugfest Friday, and as always it was a fucking honour. The whole spirit of this event is as punk rock as it gets. Good people doing bad things for great causes.

Massive thanks to Darrel Sutton and the whole Slugfest team. You excelled yourselves yet again. Props to all the bands who shared the Friday festivities with us: Lifer, Thirty Six Strategies, 2 Sick Monkeys, Not Since The Accident, Bring To Ruin, Ten Cent Toy and Trigger McPoopshute. Top bill!

Biggest wanks of all to the mental crowd of Abertillery Rock City who bombarded our set with bags of shredded paper. You fuckers are strong too, how the hell did you carry a crowd surfing Ginge?!?! Crazy, the lot of you, and we love you for it!
By all accounts Saturday was a stormer too as Livers’ six stringer VJ and resident drumming nut job Matty joined The Hip Priests for a rip-roaring run through Turbonegro’s “Denim Demon.” Ace or what?
Now here’s where you come in… Donations for Cancer Research UK and Hospices of The Valleys are still being accepted so head over to to give a penny or two. Tidy.

Slugfest is the best fest. Believe!


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