So The Sick Livers’ June ’13 tour is over and whoa, what a fucking tour it was! Where to start? So many people to thank as we caught up with mates of old and made some awesome new friends along the way.

Most massive wanks go to our husbands in The Hip Priests for the filthy action. The bastards made us up our game every night! We love you.

And some individual tour shout-outs go to…

NEWPORT – Sam & Matt @ Le Pub, Trigger McPoopshute, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, Sam & Charley for doing the backdoors, Ramees Farooqi & Tiger for the photos.

BASINGSTOKE – All @ The Sanctuary, The Black Bullets, alcohol, Lee Love for the vids.

LONDON – Thomas Evrenos @ The Pipeline, various chapters of the Turbojugend who helped us rock the joint, Malibu Stacy, Pistonhead lager. NB: The Livers urge you to go to the most rock ‘n’ roll bar in the shape of The Pipeline. It’s our new favourite place!

BRISTOL – Paddy @ The Stag & Hounds, the DLH crew, FUK, Hacksaw.

And the biggest thanks of all to everyone who showed up, danced like madmen/women/animals, went totally fucking berserk, bought some shit and totally bowled us over the awesome compliments. We are seriously blown away by you all.

Additional shout-out to Chris Stratton – merch man, roadie and alcohol consumer extraordinaire. The Sick Livers are sorry for breaking you!

See you Friday for the messiest summer season event, the mighty Slugfest!



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