ginge in camden in it!

What a day! We came, we saw and we conquered our 1pm slot at The Good Mixer for Camden Rocks 2013… even if we do say so ourselves! To those that turned out, clapped, sang, shouted obscenities with Ginge and then said some very lovely things afterwards, we thank you. You rocked!

Additional shout-outs to Alistair at Underkill TV for hooking us up, Chris McCormack for booking us, Danny McCormack for the “Rumney Rock City” soundcheck yells, Therapy’s Michael McKeegan who stopped by to see the boys, and to the lads in Exit International for plugging the fuck out of our slot. Tidy.

We love you!

Photo courtesy of Kerra Nolan at Girls of Glory. Do yourselves a favour and check out her website at for “Babes, Bands & Business.” Treble tidy.


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